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What is a bulletproof vest made of?

Опубликовано: 18.06.2022

Features of Kevlar: what is its popularity?

Kevlar can be used alone or as part of a composite material (material in combination with other materials) to increase durability. Kevlar is an excellent anti-ballistic material because it takes a lot of energy to push a knife or bullet through. Woven polymer fibers are highly oriented polymer molecules that are extremely difficult to separate: energy is needed to separate them. The bullet will lose energy as it tries to break through. If it manages to penetrate the material, it slows down considerably, causing much less damage.

Body armor is primarily made from Kevlar thread, which is harder to separate by intertwining different layers in its composition. In this way, the kinetic force created by the bullet is effectively slowed down until it stops completely before it reaches the human body.

What is ballistic nylon?

Ballistic nylon fabric has many differences from traditional waterproof tent fabric. It is known for its great strength and intricate construction. This type of nylon was originally developed by DuPont as the basic material used in body armor. This type of nylon was worn by World War II airmen and was the standard for protecting people from shrapnel and bullets before Kevlar was invented.

Although Kevlar is a stronger fabric for preventing gunshot wounds, ballistic nylon fabric provides high strength that is still great for making clothing, belts and more.

What gives ballistic nylon its added strength is the weave used to create the fabric itself. Ballistic nylon remains one of the strongest weave patterns in the world and is scientifically proven to be a strong fabric for its use in armored clothing. Today it has become a very popular choice for outdoor wear, backpacks, belts, rugged jackets and more.

Graphene Armored Vest Fabric

The actual bulletproofness of the material is not easy to determine because, despite all its internal strength, the layer of carbon atoms simply breaks down completely when hit by a projectile. Graphene is ten times stronger than steel and twice as strong as Kevlar, a material often used to make bulletproof vests.

Aramid fabric: features

The fabric can have different densities and layers of protection against various threats in different situations. It is ultralight and 5 times stronger than steel for equal weight, and it also has anti-aging, environmental, anti-acid, fire-resistant, and high-temperature properties (-196 ºC to 204 ºC).